Friday Finds – 12/21/12

I have SO much to share this week, and all of the posts/articles are great reads about a variety of topics! Enjoy!


  • After the tragedy in Newtown, I read a lot of posts regarding reactions and feelings of grief. Rachel Wilkerson’s post, “Good” Grieving, notes that each person grieves differently and it is OK to react, no matter what it may be. She asks, “How can any of us, myself included, have expectations about how one “should” react when everyone is reacting to something that exceeds what one would expect in pretty much every way possible?” As usual, her post led to a great discussion in the comments so make sure you read them too!
  • The Well blog of The New York Times posted the article, “Recipe for Resentment, Claims of Running Prowess” in reaction to the editorial, “Run for your life, at a comfortable speed” written last month. The debate: Does too much or too intense running your risk of health issues and why is this not an issue in other sports?
  • “Why do you run?” That question is thrown around a lot. It could be for any reason as at all. Molly’s post, “Perspective of the Run,” answers the question in a way that will inspire you and make you proud to be a fellow runner.
  • Greatist featured the article, “Modern Intimacy: Love’s Amazing, Love Hurts” that every reader can relate to. The author addresses why intimacy can be so appealing and so painful.
  • After a great Twitter chat with Fitfluential and Puma Fitness last night, Katelyn posted “5 Tips for Better Twitter Chatting.” My favorite: be conversational and be yourself!
  • Go read “Runner’s World 2012 Top 10 Elite News Stories.” So awesome. Which is your favorite?
Celebrate, Congratulate & then Purchase:
  • The best thing about this community is we are all proud of anothers’ accomplishments. Carla of MizFit Online completed her first e-book, “How to Build Muscle and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind.” Her words are inspiring, “I discovered I longed to write the book I wished I’d had when I first began stumbling down my healthy living path. I felt called to gather the posts, collect the exercises (emotional & physical), select the videos and bring them all together to create the handbook I’d needed back then.” The e-book is available as a PDF, by Nook and Kindle. You can purchase the book from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Let’s all support her! 

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 Happy Friday! Please feel free to share some of your great finds with me!





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