The delay

When I am going for a run alone, one of the biggest problems I have with “getting out there” is the delay. I wake up and decide that eating a bagel is a better choice than going right outside. Then I end up doing EVERYTHING else besides running and it is 4:30 PM and I only have time for 2 miles because it is already dark and I can’t find my lights.

That was my Sunday. I was at my in-laws’ house. It was a beautiful day. Perfect running temperature, around 40 degrees. I wanted to run all damn day but I didn’t. At 4:30 I decided to get into running clothes and rush through a run before my MIL made dinner! I ran 2 fantastic and effortless miles (8:15 avg) and then worked on using the self-timer on my phone. Result:

self timer fail


On Sunday, I actually ran. Most days when I delay I don’t run.

Do you delay? If not, what is your best tip to get out there right away?

Do you use the self-timer on your phone to take awesome workout pictures? PLEASE TELL ME HOW BECAUSE I WANT TO BE AN AWESOME BLOGGER AND TAKE 1 MILLION PICTURES OF MYSELF (just kidding, but seriously).

Running for a Charity

I have always wanted to run a long distance race for a charity so now I am. As a new and extremely emotional mother, the choice was simple: I am running the 2015 NYC Half as a part of Team Every Mother Counts to raise money to support maternal health all over the world. This is my fundraising page and it will be unapologetically be on every single post until the race in March.

So, what is Every Mother Counts?

Every-Mother-Counts-logoEMC aims to raise awareness and resources for the hundreds of thousands of girls and women who die each year due to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. That is one woman every two minutes (O M G). The goal is to inform, engage, and mobilize new audiences to take action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women worldwide. EMC addresses and provides resources to the following barriers to maternal health around the world and at home (the United States is ranked 60th in the world for maternal care):

  • Transportation: Many women live miles away from healthcare providers and facilities, with extremely limited access to transportation.

  • Education: Skilled attendance at all births is considered to be the single most critical intervention for ensuring safe motherhood.
  • Supplies: Health centers and caregivers lack the basic supplies and equipment necessary to do their jobs.

Why do I want to run for Every Mother Counts?

My pregnancy and postpartum care were fantastic. I have great health insurance and paid $25 TOTAL from the day I found out I was pregnant until I left the hospital with my baby. My biggest complaint was a doctor that suggested I had gained too much weight (I made sure to throw a pity party about that too). Sounds very pathetic when compared to the lack of care other expecting mothers experience. Most do not even have access to any type of health care and/or hospitals and risk their own lives by simply bringing another life into the world.

So for me it is simple, my life changed the moment I became a mother (in a terrifying and beautiful way). I want to do anything I can to help others that want to experience that feeling, do so.

How can you help prevent 98% of maternal deaths?

  • You can donate directly on my fundraising page. Just click HERE, look to the right of the page, click DONATE and do your (generous) thing.
  • Download the Charity Miles app, select Every Mother Counts as the designated charity of choice and track your miles with your smartphone.
  • Shop. We all love it. Do it for a good cause at these specified retailers.
  • Share this post. Share my fundraising page. Share the EMC website. Knowledge is power.

I truly appreciate your help and support and kindness. I am excited to get started and am working on some great fundraising ideas for the blog that will help me surpass my fundraising goal of $1,200. Together we can make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all moms and make sure every mother counts.

#fizzwedding Photos and Details

I mentioned this before (over and again) that our wedding was the best time of my life! It was perfect in every way. I wanted to share some of my favorite photographs and our video clip and all of the details and vendors that made our day so freaking amazing.


AshleyMike_085 AshleyMike_120 AshleyMike_132 AshleyMike_140 AshleyMike_148


AshleyMike_165 AshleyMike_166

AshleyMike_190 AshleyMike_240



AshleyMike_422 AshleyMike_435 AshleyMike_449 AshleyMike_477 AshleyMike_481 AshleyMike_490 AshleyMike_512 AshleyMike_513 AshleyMike_521

fizzwedding fizz wedding parent dances fizzwedding speeches



AshleyMike_710 AshleyMike_769



AshleyMike_721 AshleyMike_731 AshleyMike_732 AshleyMike_741 AshleyMike_777



Wedding details:

Venue: The Stateroom [Ship Bottom, NJ]

Photography: Jessica Hendrix Photography

Videography: Jimmy Ward [Manahawkin, NJ]

Florist: The Loft [Toms River, NJ]

DJ/Lighting: Jeffrey Balkin, SCE Event Group [Long Branch, NJ]

Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Musicians: Frank Palmer & Mike Vanderweerd of Undisputed

Officiant: Matthew DeVirgiliis [my brother-in-law]

Cake: Carlo’s Bakery [Westfield, NJ]

Cigar Roller: La Rosa Cubana Cigars [Bronx, NY]

Wedding Dress: L’Fay Bridal [Chatham, NJ], lace top was BHLDN

Hair: Jackie Walsh, friend

Makeup: Jessica Costello, friend

Last but not least, every single personal detail was courtesy of my mother, which was extremely special.

Our wedding was seriously an incredible and fun day! We were able to celebrate our marriage and commitment to one another with the people who we love and cherish. There is nothing better than that!