When a workout scares the shit out of you

Ugh Monday again?

baby jennie fizz


We had a really nice weekend (WHY IS IT STILL COLD, so freaking over it)! On Saturday we celebrated Lily’s second birthday and on Sunday we spent some time with family and then went to an Easter egg hunt at our friends’ house! It was really fun but I wish it had been a little warmer so Jennie cold have stayed outside for more than 10 minutes at a time!

tranger easter party

Jennie nailed the egg hunt.

This past week was pretty intense in terms of training. I ran the most miles since the week of April 15, 2013 LOL. My legs are tired (but in a good way) and I am seeing results and that is really motivating.

3/23/15-3/29/15 (Week 8 of NJ Half Training)

M: 10 min hip strength

T:  7.5 mi run (2 mi warmup, 4 mi @ 8:13, 1 mi @ 7:30, 0.5 mi cooldown)

W: 8 mi speedwork (2 mi warmup, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1 mi, 800m, 400m, 200m, 2 mi cooldown – jogged 0.15 mi between each interval)

I looked at this workout in the morning and thought about it all day. I was nervous. That night, before I walked into the gym, I sat in my car and gave myself a pep talk. I realized the treadmill would have to go up pretty high for some of the shorter intervals. I’ve fallen off a treadmill just walking so high speeds are scary.


I was nervous walking into the gym and still nervous during the warmup. I dove right in and I got through the workout without incident. This was definitely the hardest workout of the training cycle (so far) but I did it (at the paces in the picture). I built it up as something that was scary and seemingly impossible but it ended up being all right. I need to work on not psyching myself out.

Th: off

F: 6.2 mi run (2 mi warmup, 4 mi @ 8:40), 10 min hip strength, 15 min leg strength

S: 13.5 mi run (9:40 avg)

Su: 90 min hot yoga (absolutely amazing class that has changed my practice forever, will write a post about it soon)

Totals: 35.2 mi run, 35 min strength, 90 min yoga

I am really loving this training cycle and the fun/scary workouts. Have you ever had a workout scare you? What type of workout was it?

Friday Letters

It’s Friday bitches! Throw those smooothies up in the ayyyer.

baby jennie fizz

Friday is not the day to use any brain power so I am doing my own version of Friday letters. Thanks to Erin for the solid idea.


Dear Lorelai Gilmore: I hope I am as cool of a mom as you are when I have 16-year-old and I hope my daughter is as good (and smart) as Rory. On the flipside, if she is anything like I was, she will be locked up and only allowed out for school.

Dear Running: You are one of my best friends right now. Let’s keep this positive relationship for as long as possible BUT let’s take it outdoors soon. I have spent way too much time on the treadmill.

Dear Snow: I heard you are coming back to NJ on Saturday afternoon. GO HOME, YOU’RE DRUNK.

Dear Outer Banks: I’ll be seeing you again the last week in August. I can’t wait to see Jennie playing at the beach :) Also, we will learn from our mistakes and only drive through the night.

jennie fizz outer banks 2014

Dear Pizza Friday: I love you. You are the only reason I ever want to come to work.

Dear Commuting: I think we need to take a break. It’s you, not me.

Dear Lily: You are turning 2 years old tomorrow and just yesterday you were officially discharged from the NICU doctor. You are so beautiful and smart (you have the vocabulary of a 4-year old, wow) and I am so proud to call you my niece! I love you so much!

Dear Facebook: I think I love you more than Twitter (again). I think it has to do with the groups (and my addiction to online garage sales).

Share your random thoughts below, no better time than Friday (or Thursday lol).

Happy Friday friends :) Have a wonderful weekend! 

Gilmore Girls pace

Before I had a running coach during the fall 2012 marathon training season, I had no idea how to pace my long runs and I never warmed up. For easy and long runs, I used to try to mimic the pace I wanted to run on race day, it seemed like the most logical thing to do (LOL). I experienced burnout so often.

Turns out, I was wrong (shocking, considering I do not have an education related to the human body).

From Coach Abby (soon to be DPT) about slowing the F down:

Simply put, you’re training your body to run long (requirement for races, yes?) but not destroying it in the process. You don’t need to go long at race pace in order to race long at race pace. Your other workouts make that possible.

That’s why it’s so important to train at different paces for different workouts. Long runs are generally done at a slower pace, maybe with a few race pace miles in the middle for turnover.

There’s no physiologic benefit in training balls out every workout. The smartest way you can possibly train is to do the least amount of miles possible to see the most benefit. It’s science.

I trust science.

Since 90% of my workouts have been done on the treadmill this training cycle, I have had a lot of time to practice my easy and long run pace. I call it my “Gilmore Girls pace”! It is the pace that I can truly enjoy a Gilmore Girls episode (or two or three) on Netflix (my gym has free WiFi yahoo!) without getting antsy and yearning for some upbeat music.

Anyway, this week was sort of a cut-back week so I was able to recover fully from the NYC Half.

3/1615-3/22/15 (Week 7 of NJ Half Training)

M: off

T:  10 min hip strength, 15 min leg strength

W: 5 mi @ 9:31, 10 min hip strength

Th: off

F: 45 min strength

S: 6.1 mi speedwork (2 mi warmup, 5k @ 23:55, 1 mi cooldown), 10 min hip strength

The 5k portion of this run was done close to my goal race pace (7:42 would bring me in around 1:41, but my exact goal is still unknown and will be for another few weeks). It always takes me a mile or so into speedwork to relax and to find a groove while running at a faster pace. Around the second mile of this 5k, I felt  comfortable. I was putting in a solid effort but definitely could have kept going for many more miles! WOOP!

Su: 6 mi @ 8:40, 60 min yoga

The local Athleta hosted a free yoga class for my running group and it was a fantastic Vinyasa class with added poses to stretch some of the muscles runners need to stretch (hamstrings, shoulders, back)!

MRTT Yoga Athleta westfield

Totals: 17.1 mi run, 90 min strength, 60 min yoga

Another good week that left me feeling strong and confident (and sore)!

How do you pace your long runs? Do you mix in some faster miles? I like to finish the longer runs with a little bit of a kick, I think it helps when it comes time to race and you can turn it up one last time!