Pregnancy thoughts and regrets

A handful of my friends are pregnant right now and naturally we talk a lot about being pregnant, having the baby, life with a newborn etc.

I find myself feeling quite a bit of regret when I share my feelings and experiences from my pregnancy with Jennie.

I complained a lot. I didn’t like being pregnant. I had gained 40 pounds and was extremely uncomfortable and full of cellulite. I couldn’t work out the way I wanted and had expected. I compared myself to pregnant women all over the internet. I didn’t understand why they could run 8 miles on their due date and I only wanted to eat ice cream and become one with the couch. I came down pretty hard on myself despite all of these very normal pregnancy feelings and situations.

Looking back, I am pretty upset with myself. I wish I had known that it was quite all right that I didn’t run past 28 weeks (yay for even getting that far) or that laying on the couch instead of going to spin was completely acceptable.

It was 9 months of my life and really only 4 months that I made any noticeable changes to my lifestyle. It is such a short period of time and I wish I had taken the time to really enjoy what was happening.

I try to tell my friends that it is ok to slow down and to take a rest day (or week, or month) when needed. I say, looking back, I barely remember any of the workouts I HAD to do and that I do remember wishing I had taken it a bit easier some days. I tell them comparing themselves to anyone else is so unbelievably unnecessary and that every single pregnancy is so different!

This blog introduced me to many new friends and resources as a runner. It did the same once I was pregnant and again now that I am a parent! I learned that each experience is individual and comparison is much more harmful than helpful. That being said, I can’t go back but next time around I will be more aware and more appreciative of the experience!

If you have kids, did you ever compare your pregnancy to others? What did you learn in your postpartum days?

Roadtrip with an infant: day vs. night

We wanted to go on a vacation and when we had the opportunity to head to the Outer Banks for a long weekend, we jumped on it. I am still working part-time so it was a no-brainer.

After crowd-sourcing a bit for some tips, we decided to drive to NC after Jennie went to bed and pray she didn’t wake up until the morning.

We left at 9:30 PM (a little later than we had wanted but still fine). We stopped 2 times to pee and put gas in the car. We pulled into the house around 5 AM and Jennie woke up smiling.

baby jennie fizz

Fast forward 4 days, we leave NC at 4:45 AM. This trip was exactly opposite of the easy, quiet trip down.

4:45-5:45: Jennie is awake, happily making gremlin noises

5:45-7:30: Jennie sleeps

7:45: Stop #1, go to the bathroom, change & nurse Jennie. Back on the road by 8:15

8:45-9:30: Jennie sleeps

10:45: Stop #2 in Baltimore at a friend’s house to nurse Jennie comfortably. Go to her old address like assholes. Panic because Jennie needs to eat. Jennie screams. I feel like a terrible mom while we frantically drive to new address.

11:15: Get to new house, nurse Jennie. She is not interested and barely eats.

11:15-12:15: Jennie plays with her friend Alex.

baby jennie fizz

12:15-1:00: Leave and go get lunch. Jennie sleeps.

1:00-1:30: Driving. Wondering if I should pump and just feed her a bottle while in the car so we don’t have to stop again. I empty boobs with pump and it is not nearly enough for her. She wakes up crying.

1:30: Stop #3 to feed her bottle. As expected, she finishes and is still hungry. Try to nurse, but nothing really comes out. Feel like a terrible mom for the second time.

1:45-3:30: Driving. Sit in back with Jennie feeling terrible. She falls in and out of sleep.

3:30: Stop #4. Try to nurse Jennie, once again after 2 minutes she is not interested. Cry.

3:45-4:45: Driving, feeling sad and exhausted. Jennie is exhausted too.

baby jennie fizz

4:45: HOME AT LAST. Jennie doesn’t want to nurse. Fizz gives her a bottle and I cry AGAIN.

As I mentioned in her 4 month post, nursing has been a bit of a struggle recently. She nurses well in the early AM and before bed but during the day it is a crapshoot. This instance, it may have been because we were traveling and she spent A LOT of hours in the car seat, which she hates. Either way, it added a lot of stress to the trip.


Night trip – 10 min total of stopping

Day trip – fuck no, never again.

Going forward, if/when we need to take a long road trip, all driving will be done at night ONLY. 

NYC Runs Queens Half Marathon preparation Week 2 (of 9)

Same shit, different week.

I planned to run 4 days, I only ran 2.

Luckily, both runs were solid!


M-W: off

Th: 60 min walk

F: 3 mi (9:07, 8:17, 9:03)

S: 4 mi with stroller (9:35 avg)

Su: 45 min walk

Weekly total: 7 miles

I was in Nags Head, North Carolina (Outer Banks) Thursday-Sunday so the walks and runs were right along the beach path. It was definitely humid each day but there was a nice breeze as well that made running bearable.

running nags head, nc

On Friday, I wanted to add a fast(er) mile in and successfully did my first (very short) tempo since last summer!

On Saturday, Jennie and I ran our longest stroller run to date. It was hot, but it was wonderful.

baby jennie fizz

She falls asleep each time we run and she holds on to the strap like she’s on a ride!

In other news, Fizz and I starting the Focus T25 program tomorrow. I have wanted to try this program for a long time. It is now the perfect time to start for a couple of reasons:

>>25 minutes workouts with little to no equipment. These can be done before Jennie wakes up, while she naps (on weekends) or after she goes to sleep.

>>10 week program. We will complete the program 1 week before the wedding!

I don’t have a concrete plan or schedule on how I will be completing the T25 program AND running but I hope to run at least 3 days each week, which means I will be doubling up 2 days and have one day completely off.

I hope to share my experience after I complete the program!

Have you done the T25 program? If so, tell me everything!