Still got it (sort of)

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I try to be thankful all year but sometimes I am an asshole and selfish and forget (so if you put up an Insta pic on Thanksgiving that said just that to try to make me feel bad, you succeeded). Anyway, I love a nice reminder of how good my life is and I love spending time with family and I love eating (for two) so it is always a great day for me.

Another reason to love Thanksgiving is the TURKEY TROT! Running weather around the time of year is always pretty great and the races are usually fun and full of people in turkey hats ready to burn some calories before eating until they hate themselves.

This year, I decided to run the Morristown Turkey Trot again. I ran it few years ago and swore to never do it again because of the ridiculous climb during the second mile. I was originally going to run the same trot as I had last year (Chatham Turkey Trot) but it filled up before I remembered to register. Steph promised (or I am forcing her, it’s up for debate) to run a race with me each month of this pregnancy so we signed up last minute. Before the race decided we would try to run < 9:00 miles (or as fast as I could go without getting aggressive).

morristown nj turkey trot

The first mile was rough and felt like I was running in the sand and I immediately decided to “run casually” because I like to give up easily. The second mile was also rough because of the climb mentioned above. I did feel good about myself because I kept running when many others were walking (and no one wants to get outrun by a pregnant lady and I outran some people). The third mile started downhill and ended flat so it was easy to pick up the pace, plus my warmup issues were over by then and I felt pretty good (just in time to finish and stop running).

We finished in 26:22 (8:29 average, splits were 8:38, 8:38, 8:05). I saw the time on the clock and was really happy. To be cheesy, I thought about how thankful I was that I am still able to run (relatively well) this far into the pregnancy. To be not-cheesy, I felt great about still being able to pass some people and finish strong (it is a race after all).

I am already excited to work on my speed again after this baby and to run another turkey trot next year (and drink wine on holidays and every day).

Who else turkey-trotted this year? 

24 week pregnancy update

6 months already? I actually don’t like using the whole “4 weeks = 1 month” thing during pregnancy.  I am on Team Pregnant for 9 months (not 10). No month is perfectly 28 days (and 2016 is a leap year).

So, 24 weeks. It’s going by fast. Since my last update, my belly has grown A LOT. It feels weird to be 24 weeks pregnant but look like I am somewhere in the low 30s.

pregnancy number two

For comparison, here I am at 23 weeks when I was pregnant with Jennie. I love Timehop.

baby bun

Hi Harley, I miss you. RIP.

It makes me nervous for the months ahead!!!! People tell me you grow much faster after your first pregnancy and that it slows down so I am hoping that happens for me too.

Baby boy moves all day long! I forgot how much I loved it, and how weird it feels.

I am always eating. I am mindful about what it is that I am eating about 75% of the time. I always eat what I am craving because #YOLO. I only have one aversion: mushrooms, I hate them right now. I have gained somewhere around 20 lbs and I feel every single one of them. I’m still not worried about the weight gain (and loss afterwards) but it is mentally hard to handle sometimes (mostly in the shower, naked pregnant bodies are weird).

pregnancy number two

Sleeping is interesting. I am always up a few times each night. Once or twice for the bathroom and another because I am having CRAZY and vivid dreams/nightmares. For example, last night I had a nightmare about a landslide and I woke up sweating and TERRIFIED.

Exercising is still going well. I am still running, spinning and doing strength work. Yoga is the only thing that doesn’t feel so great right now and I can’t get to any prenatal classes so I sort of stopped practicing. BEST NEWS: I FINALLY found a pair of maternity workout pants (if you read the blog last time, you would know that I had a hard time and was annoyed about it)! I was at Target last week and bought a pair of maternity workout capris (high belly band and low in the back). Very comfortable and only $30.

My mood is all over the place (sorry about that Fizz). I am definitely irritable and emotional. I cry at commercials and when I have trouble putting my socks on (it’s too early for this struggle)!!!! I am mostly excited though. Fizz and I (mostly Fizz) starting cleaning up the attic to get it ready to be a guest room. He moved the bed upstairs this weekend and we packed up a lot of clothes and junk we had in the guest room. We’ll get there a little bit at a time.

Have a wonderful Monday!

The warmup

Starting sometime over the last two weeks, running has started to feel less-than-stellar when I first get going. I feel full of aches. I feel the extra weight (almost 24 weeks, +18 lbs) with every step.

Then something pretty fabulous happens: the warmup stage ends and I feel pretty good (as good as I can for +18 lbs anyway). The problem is that it takes 2-2.5 miles for me to get through the warmup but I have only been running 3-4 miles at a time. Based on feeling, I could run more. BUT I don’t really feel that I need to run more than that and I also don’t really want to. Exercising for 30-45 mins makes me happy and helps me feel accomplished. I don’t see the need to go far beyond that. So I guess it’s a personal problem :)

point pleasant nj boardwalk run
I am hoping that it stays manageable, and that I can continue to enjoy running (while I still can).

Workouts last week….

M 11/9: off
T 11/10: 30 min strength
W 11/11: 2.5 mi run
Th 11/12: off
F 11/13: 45 min spin at Cyc Fitness (
S 11/14: off
Su 11/15: 4 mi run

strength workout with trx

Total: 6.5 mi run, 30 min strength, 45 min spin


Unrelated: How freaking cute are Jennie’s school pictures? #nailedit

baby jennie fizz