Thursday Thoughts

Thursday used to be one of my favorite days each week. When I lived in NYC, we went to happy hour every Thursday (and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). Now Thursday represents Friday Eve and I can start counting down the hours (and pumps) until time with my family.

Now onto random thoughts from the week…..

>>Not much phases me anymore in terms of the random shit I see in NYC. Until yesterday. I saw a woman on the subway had bachelorette penis straws in her hair like hairpins and then 20 minutes later a man whipped his penis out right in front of me and started peeing in the middle of the sidewalk. Neither looked homeless. Worst timing ever with that last one.

>>There are two bad office habits I need to break. One is unbuttoning my pants BEFORE I walk into the bathroom. The other is openly squeezing my boobs to see if it is time to pump.

>>Reading: I don’t really do it. It’s not that I don’t like to read, I just have a very short attention span. I like magazines with pictures such as Runner’s World and Women’s Running and US Weekly :) The only books that keep my attention are the ones that make me actually L O L. Currently I am reading Jenny Mollen’s book, “I Like You Just the Way I Am” and it is HILARIOUS. She is a writer/actress and married to Jason Biggs. She’s also my favorite person to follow of Instagram/Twitter. #swimfan

During marathon training, I used to listen to books on my phone through. I listened to Hunger Games trilogy and the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. It helped the time pass because I would focus on the “story” instead of the miles. I also used to listen to Fifty Shades on the train. One time my headphones weren’t plugged in all of the way and the every person in the crowded car knew I was a pervert when Christian Grey spoke explained his red playroom.

>>I can openly admit that I have a Penn Station drinking problem. 4 out of 5 days I buy a mini bottle of wine for the ride home.

>>The good news: The Chipotle in my town finally opened and now the delicious burrito bowls are only a mile away from my home. The bad news: The workers are SO slow. Maybe I am too hard on them. Maybe I am too used to the extremely fast-paced assembly line that the workers form in NYC to deal with the lines out the door from 11AM-2PM daily. Either way, it stresses me out.

>>I have an obsession and it is Facebook online garage sale groups. I mentioned it a few weeks ago but it’s getting out of hand. I keep buying great toys and clothes for Jennie from people who will sell very cheap just to get the stuff out of their house. It really is amazing. It is quality stuff too!!!! The problem is that I make Fizz drive all around the county at all hours to pick up the goods. I need to stop, but I won’t.

An example of purchasing too many things from these Facebook groups: Jennie has 3 “My First Halloween” onesies. She obviously can’t wear them next year, so she wore them each to daycare this week!

baby jennie fizz halloween
>>I am in a weird phase of post-wedding sadness. I can’t believe it’s over. So much time and planning and it was over in a flash. I feel like I don’t remember parts of the night (half because I was having so much fun and half because I had 7 tequila shots).

>>Has anyone used Rent the Runway? thoughts? I am going to a fancy NYC wedding in 3 weeks and I want to wear a fancy dress. I obviously don’t own one because I shop at Forever 21 with my child in tow. I’ve heard great things but I get worried that it won’t fit. I should probably purchase a backup just in case. I would love to hear any and all experiences :)

>>Can we all agree that shopping for jeans is actually worse than shopping for bathing suits? Last weekend and the weekend before I tried on approximately 35 pairs. Different stores, different brands, different prices (thank you to everyone that replied to my desperate plea on Facebook). My hands were in pain from pulling each pair on and struggling to get out the jeans that I had to business putting on in the first place. The good news: I bought 2 pairs. One pair is from the 7 for all mankind outlet and the other is from the Loft.

baby jennie fizz

ANOTHER PAIR MOM? Give it a rest.

Please share any random thoughts you have today :) 

Family Photo Shoot

Last weekend, we had a little family photo shoot in my parents’ backyard. It was a fun and beautiful day and Jennie behaved so well. The photographer, Amanda, went to my high school and was highly recommended. She did a wonderful job of keeping Jennie’s attention and making her smile. I absolutely love all of the photos and will cherish them forever!

Fizzarotti Family Photo Shoot

Fizzarotti Family Photo Shoot

Fizzarotti Family Photo Shoot Fizzarotti Family Photo Shoot Fizzarotti Family Photo Shoot Fizzarotti Family Photo Shoot

Fizzarotti Family Photo Shoot

Pros and cons of commuting into NYC

This week felt tremendously long and I never thought Friday would come, but it’s here! YAHOO!

I am excited for the weekend for numerous reasons. First and most obvious, full days with Jennie. Next, dinner and drinks with my mom and my sister tomorrow night. Finally, I am running the Perfect 10 Miler on Sunday with my MIL (her first long distance race, yay!) and then taking Jennie to her first Halloween parade (where I will be eating all of the candy she gets).

I had hoped to do 2 “long” runs this week (> 6 miles) to ensure a non-tragic outcome at the race but was only able to complete one. On Tuesday, I came into NYC early and ran 7.5 mi (9:15 avg pace) before work. Tomorrow I will hopefully do 3-5 miles as well.

As with the last big race (postpartum), I don’t have a time goal. I want to push the pace to “comfortably hard” but not to the point where I would burn out or risk getting hurt. I definitely want to test my current fitness level and see where I am at before I start building up a base over the winter (and eventually start training for the Long Branch half in April)!

Moving on.

If you have been reading here for a while, you know that commuting is my actual worst enemy.


Here is the ongoing “cons” list of why I despise commuting into NYC every single day:

1. Delayed trains at least 4x each week with no announcements.

2. People that shove their bodies onto an already packed subway trains and scream “MOVE IN” like there is anywhere to go.

3. People that get up from their seat on the subway before the train is even close to the next station and expect you to let go of the pole and risk body slamming the people around you to move out of the way.

4. Due to the nature of the crowded trains, sometimes 4 or 5 will pass before there is room for anyone to get on. Result = missing my train at Penn Station.

5. When I miss my train (and when I don’t) I usually get a slice of pizza and beer or wine for the ride home. This can also be on the “Pros” list.

6. People that drag those tiny rolling briefcases instead of carrying a bag. My feet are run over by these stupid bags at least once each day in Penn Station.

7. Walking in the wind and rain and having your umbrella break.

8. Garbage day.

9. Expensive breakfast and lunch options.

And the “pros” list:

1. At least 3 Chipotle stores within a half mile radius.

2. Pre-work Central Park running, when I can make it.

And there we have it! I hope to eventually work closer to home. It would make my life SO much better.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and since there were no pictures, here is a sneak peek of our family photo shoot last weekend!


Photo Credit: Amanda Brehm Photography