Dear Jennie (5 Months)

Dear Jennie,

baby jennie fizz 5 months

WOW things are changing so very fast!

You laugh! You hug! You hold onto your feet!

baby jennie fizz

You roll! (And roll and roll)!

You had a lot of firsts this month! First road trip, first time in the ocean, first 5k!

baby jennie fizz ocean

baby jennie fizz 5k

You are very curious about the world around you. You are always searching, scanning and thinking. You stare at the dogs and smile. You stare at us and smile. You stare at yourself and smile!

My favorite development: you reach out to us! When you are laying on the changing table or on your play mat, you reach out with both hands and touch our faces and smile <3

baby jennie fizz

I am happy to report that nursing has gotten much better (even though you are easily distracted). If you don’t have something to hold onto (my shirt or a necklace) you continuously slap my chest. I can’t help but laugh!

You’re growing so fast! At 5 months you weigh just about 16 lbs! Maybe you’re going through a growth spurt or maybe it is sleep regression but this month you decided that you didn’t want to sleep through the night any longer. You wake up anywhere from 1-4! Sometimes you fall back asleep after nursing, sometimes you stare at me and smile for 2 hours. I (strangely) don’t mind the nighttime nursing sessions. I will take any time with you that I can get.

One of my favorite things is to see your reaction when your daddy walks in the room. You look up at him and a flash the biggest smile! I am so happy you have such a special bond with him!

baby jennie fizz

I am looking forward to the coming months (solid foods! crawling! your first word being ‘mom’!) You change and grow each day and I love watching your personality develop!

Love always,



>>My tolerance for alcohol has not recovered from 14 months (and counting) of minimal drinking. Tonight I had one 16oz train beer and I was basically drunk when Fizz picked me up.

>>I am obsessed with Facebook groups. Mom groups, breastfeeding groups, running groups, moms who run groups and the biggest time suck of all: local online garage sale groups. It’s a black hole I’m not sure I can climb out of.

Facebook group obsession

Just a handful of the groups I am in….

>>I am still upset about a lie Fizz told last week. We were getting Jennie ready for daycare and he very enthusiastically said, “I forgot to tell you that Jennie won outfit of the week 2 weeks in a row at daycare!!!” Me: “OMG really?” (feeling very proud of my outfit selections) and “Wow I’m so trendy that I dress my baby well enough to win an award!” Reality: he made it up. There is no “outfit of the week” contest.

baby jennie fizz

Our dog ate the bumbo. We “fixed” i.”

>>I am enjoying my sore legs. I am so happy to have finished the 10 mile race on Sunday feeling relatively strong! I really needed the boost in confidence. It’s hasn’t been the easiest road back to running after the baby. I’m nowhere near “back” but it’s nice to see the progress!

Battle of Brooklyn10 miler

Photo Credit: JackRabbit Sports

>>I am wondering how I can make friends with the couple I sit next to each and every day on the train to NYC.

friendship somecard

Also – in case anyone was VERY worried about my bleeding nipples, it turns out they weren’t bleeding. My boobs chafed a bit (I found small scrapes today). I will be on the lookout for a new sports bra :)

NYC Runs Queens Half Marathon preparation Week 5 (of 9)

Good news, I survived the 10-miler and I’m thrilled!




W: T25 core



S: MRTT 5k, 28:30 (9:13 avg)

Su: Battle of Brooklyn 10-miler, 1:41:56 (10:11 avg)

Weekly total: 13.1 miles, 25 min XT

This was a great (running) week for me. I am really happy.

On Saturday, I was able to meet more moms from the local mom running group that I joined! I ended up running the 5k with the stroller. It may sound weird but I just wanted to be near her. The course was harder than I had originally thought (lots of mini hills, not easy with the stroller but a killer arm workout) but it was really fantastic and I ran comfortably.

MRTT union county 5k

MRTT 5k with stroller

Jennie slept during the entire race. She is so not interested in running.

Sunday morning was an early morning and surprisingly went exactly as planned (which happens never). I woke up at 5, pumped, got ready and got on the road at 6 (Jennie miraculously stayed asleep past 4 AM)! I drove to Jersey City to scoop Dori.

jersey city manhattan sunrise

A true no filter NYC sunrise that I took while driving. #safe

I wanted to get to Brooklyn early so I could pump before the race (which I did, on a curb near the bag check). Dori and I met up with Ali (finally met her in real life) and then it was time to start. We kept the pace comfortable and kept up the conversation which helped the miles tick rather fast.

Splits per Dori’s Garmin: 10:08, 10:22, 10:17, 9:58, 9:59, 9:57, 9:46, 9:54, 10:08, 10:02

I finished with a giant smile on my face and I was thankful for Dori for running with me (it would have been much harder to accomplish alone). It was the first double-digit run since 10/26/13 (I looked on my Daily Mile). This finish means a couple of things:

>>It may not be as fast or as easy as I expected, but the skills will come back.

>>I will be able to finish the half marathon on 9/14.

battle of brooklyn 10 miler

After the race I had two bagels and Shake Shack frozen custard (which was arguably the best post-race snack EVER). Can I still say I am eating for two? I think so.

Since it has been so long, I am nursing some really sore legs! OH – and this happened for the first time EVER…

photo 4-7

I didn’t notice it until I looked at the sports bra hours later. It never hurt and there was no sign of it afterwards. Naturally, I googled “breastfeeding running bloody nipples” and found that it can happen. Is it normal though? Who knows? Has this every happened to anyone?

I’ll leave you with that fabulous image. I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that your nipples did not bleed.