And just like that, it’s over

Everyone talks about milestones.

Hearing the heartbeat for the first time, finding out the gender, reaching full term, giving birth, first latch, first night at home, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, first tooth, first solid foods, first word, walking and they go on and on and on.

I didn’t read much about another (now very) significant and emotional and intense milestone: the last time I would breastfeed (this baby).

baby jennie fizz nursing

On Tuesday night (4/7), Jennie nursed for the last time. 12 months and 18 days.

I didn’t have strong views on breastfeeding when I was pregnant. I figured I would give it a try to see how it would go. There were many ups (the beautiful connection with my baby) and downs (nursing strikes, pumping at work) along the way but it turned out to be something I truly loved and appreciated and I feel lucky I was able to do it.

Bottom line, I am really sad. I wasn’t ready and I am having a hard time accepting that it is over. She wasn’t showing any signs of stopping so it was very abrupt and surprising when she didn’t want to nurse! I am as emotional as I was when I was pregnant and during the weeks after giving birth. My hormones are wild and my boobs hurt and my body feels out of whack (which is affecting my running).

I said I would let her wean herself and I did. She must have decided that she was a big girl as soon as she turned one! Thanks for the memories, it’s been an honor baby girl!



I’m tired and sore

My goal race is (now less than) 3 weeks away and last week’s runs were minimal and less than stellar. I think I was approaching the feelings of an almost burnout so I stepped it way back and only did about half the mileage that was on my schedule. I still cannot tell if it was smart or stupid (I am going with smart because I feel so much better this week but my brain believes that skipping one long run will be my ultimate demise, #rational).

3/30/15-4/5/15 (Week 9 of NJ Half Training)

M: off

T:  7 mi progression run (9:31, 8:57, 8:34, 8:13, 8:00, 7:42, 7:30)

W: 5 mi run (9:20 avg), 10 min hip strength

Th: off (omg hungover from work happy hour, I did not make it to work or off the couch until 5 PM, #employeeofthemonth)

F: 75 min hot power yoga, 10 min hip strength, 15 min leg strength

I bought a Groupon for a local hot yoga studio and had the day off from work so I went to my first class! It was really hard and I was SO sore for at least 3 days after. We did a lot sets of one-legged balance poses. It reminded me of a typical strength class where the instructor gives you a countdown and then a quick rest and repeat. I definitely liked it but it was less zen than I was looking for. I am excited to try all of the classes/instructors!

S: off

Ah, the long run. I had a 15 mile run on the schedule for Saturday. I got up very early to run with some friends on Saturday morning but when I let the dogs outside I was almost blown over by the wind (exaggerating but you get it). Sunday was unfortunately just as windy in the morning and I did as many miles as I could handle and then ate and drank all day with my family on Easter :)

Su: 7 mi run with stroller (9:30 avg)

baby jennie fizz running

New running shorts. Arguably the best gift she has ever received.


baby jennie fizz easter

CRUSHING the Easter egg hunt.

baby jennie fizz tiki bar

For those who have been to Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant, I have TWO fresh-squeezed drinks and it was so glorious.


Totals: 19 mi run, 35 min strength, 75 min yoga

How do you feel about cut-back weeks (planned or unplanned)?

When a workout scares the shit out of you

Ugh Monday again?

baby jennie fizz


We had a really nice weekend (WHY IS IT STILL COLD, so freaking over it)! On Saturday we celebrated Lily’s second birthday and on Sunday we spent some time with family and then went to an Easter egg hunt at our friends’ house! It was really fun but I wish it had been a little warmer so Jennie cold have stayed outside for more than 10 minutes at a time!

tranger easter party

Jennie nailed the egg hunt.

This past week was pretty intense in terms of training. I ran the most miles since the week of April 15, 2013 LOL. My legs are tired (but in a good way) and I am seeing results and that is really motivating.

3/23/15-3/29/15 (Week 8 of NJ Half Training)

M: 10 min hip strength

T:  7.5 mi run (2 mi warmup, 4 mi @ 8:13, 1 mi @ 7:30, 0.5 mi cooldown)

W: 8 mi speedwork (2 mi warmup, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1 mi, 800m, 400m, 200m, 2 mi cooldown – jogged 0.15 mi between each interval)

I looked at this workout in the morning and thought about it all day. I was nervous. That night, before I walked into the gym, I sat in my car and gave myself a pep talk. I realized the treadmill would have to go up pretty high for some of the shorter intervals. I’ve fallen off a treadmill just walking so high speeds are scary.


I was nervous walking into the gym and still nervous during the warmup. I dove right in and I got through the workout without incident. This was definitely the hardest workout of the training cycle (so far) but I did it (at the paces in the picture). I built it up as something that was scary and seemingly impossible but it ended up being all right. I need to work on not psyching myself out.

Th: off

F: 6.2 mi run (2 mi warmup, 4 mi @ 8:40), 10 min hip strength, 15 min leg strength

S: 13.5 mi run (9:40 avg)

Su: 90 min hot yoga (absolutely amazing class that has changed my practice forever, will write a post about it soon)

Totals: 35.2 mi run, 35 min strength, 90 min yoga

I am really loving this training cycle and the fun/scary workouts. Have you ever had a workout scare you? What type of workout was it?