Quinn Madeleine Foundation 5k

Tuesday someecard

I live for the weekends these days. That is for sure.

This past Saturday, I drove to Long Island for a 5k to support the Quinn Madeleine Foundation (the funds raised aid in the prevention of, and support research on, treatment and a cure for Niemann-Pick Disease Type A, and to facilitate memorable experiences for children under age 3 who have been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening illness. My BIL’s coworker started the organization, in memory of her daughter, Quinn, who passed away at a devastatingly young age of 18 months. The vibe was emotional but fantastic. Unfortunately, it started pouring as we were called to the start of the 5k. Fortunately, a mom in my running group graciously gave me a cover for the BOB stroller so Jennie was completely dry! It was a small race, which I love! I didn’t wear a watch so I don’t know my splits but I think I maintained a pretty even pace and was able to speed up during the last mile. I crossed the finish line at 23:44 (7:38 avg) and was the second female (I guess technically the third, since Jennie crossed in front of me)!

quinn madeleine foundation 5k long islandI am so happy I was able to be part of the (1st) 5k for the foundation and hope to go back every year!

I’m also so happy with the results and celebrated afterwards by eating a huge meal at the diner with my family! I am seriously loving running short-distances right now and plan to race them all summer! It is a very welcomed break from half marathon training.

Here is my race schedule so far:

Saturday 5/23: Spring Lake 5, Spring Lake, NJ
Sunday 6/7: Sharing Network 5k, New Providence, NJ
Tuesday 7/22: Westfield Pizza Run 5k, Westfield, NJ

I am looking to add a few more as well! I don’t want to sign up for too many because I never really know where I will be on the weekends (we like to go to our parents’ places on the weekends during the summer).

I *might* buy the Runner’s World 8 week “Break 20 minutes 5k” plan and adjust as needed. LOL I am not trying to break 20 minutes, I am just trying to get back down to 21-22 minutes for now. I am not positive if I feel like following a plan right now though so that is still up in the air.

Quick knee pain update: it feels so much better. Most days are completely pain-free. The only time it hurts is when I am sitting too long at work or on the train (again, my commute is quite literally causing me pain:) I’ve been going to PT 2x a week (at 6am), and doing a set of strength exercises at home everyday. I also foam roll every day!

Unrelated: I love drinking summer brews outside.

baby jennie fizz

Do you prefer long-distance or short-distance running/races?

Taking a risk

This is a little late but I started this draft on Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend (and Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrated)!

On Saturday morning, I went to an early morning yoga class with my new favorite instructor (I now plan my attendance around his classes). It was a pretty full class (about 10 people fit in there comfortably).

He started the class by asking all of us to take a risk. My immediate thoughts went to possibly doing a pose that is out of my comfort zone or holding a pose for a couple of extra breaths. Then he said, “I want all of you to look to your left and right, behind you and in front of you, and say hello to one another.” He followed it up with, “I know this is NJ and most people ignore one another.” LOL so true. So we all relaxed for a few seconds and exchanged hellos and good mornings! It was actually really nice because about 10 minutes before that I got pissed off that the girl who came in and tried to put her mat basically on top of mine and seemed to expect me to move (I was there first). But after this exchange, I said hello to her and realized it was possibly just an accident..

Moving on. I had a really nice Mother’s Day! I ran a local 5k in the morning with my friend Stephanie and then went to brunch with her and her husband and daughter!

When I got to the race and met up with Steph for a warmup jog we realized it was SO HUMID, like hands are sticky the entire time kind of humid. We finished our warmup, took a picture with our baby girls and lined up near the 8:00 pace area (goal was < 25:00).  I heard the race course was pretty hilly so I had intentions to run it ahead of time but never did so we set a realistic goal. The start was definitely a big cluster fuck because out of nowhere the race just started (no GO or Horn or anything to signal the start). It is also a big family race so at any given time we were surrounded by elementary aged children (who were running faster than us).

YMCA Mother's Day 5k Berkeley Heights NJ

YMCA Mother's Day 5k Berkeley Heights NJ

It was definitely a hard course but we finished (disgustingly sweaty) right where wanted at 24:17 (7:55, 7:59, 7:23). We actually just discussed that we probably could have run faster (we chatted the entire race) but we both oozed lack of confidence. There’s always next time :)

Thoughts during savasana

Who else is THRILLED that it is Friday?


This week felt unbearably long. I was up at before 5:00 AM 4 out of the 5 days this work week (for various but important reasons: yoga, work meetings, physical therapy) so I am very ready for the weekend.

I know my blogging has been lacking lately so let’s catch up.

>>I want to say thank you to everyone who reached out to me with kind words before, during, and after my race. It is pretty awesome to have people in my life that are supportive and uplifting. It’s been about 2 weeks since the race and I have had some more time to reflect on my performance and emotions. I still think it is all right that I feel disappointed that my race didn’t quite go as I had hoped or expected but I have moved on and I am enjoying the physical (and emotional) break from training. I am going to use the (lack of) performance as inspiration to work harder and get faster (and stronger) this spring and summer and hope to train and race a solid half marathon this fall.

>> I ran twice last week after my half (3 easy miles each time) and once this past week (speedwork, 4x400m). I had some knee pain. I went to physical therapy this morning and was told that my knee pain is most likely from unaligned hips, tight ITB and piriformis, and weak glutes. I will be going to PT twice a week for now and doing daily hip strengthening exercises as well as daily foam rolling.

>>It was a slow process and took many weeks but my boobs have officially deflated (womp womp). They are now a floppier version of my pre-pregnancy A cup. So. freaking. sad. As you all know, I was very sad when Jennie weaned herself (and I still am) but I will admit that life is easier these days! A few days ago she finished up the stash of frozen breast milk and she is now drinking whole (or almond or soy) milk. Another fun fact, as soon as she stopped nursing we got rid of her bottles too! Even though she has had at least 3 bottles a day at daycare since she was 12 weeks old, she never seemed to be too attached to them. She learned to use a straw rather quickly so we switched to sippy cups full-time!

>>I am currently reviewing a jogging stroller (Chicco Tre, I received it in exchange for the review). So far there are things I love (the canopy and the storage) and things that I don’t love (sort of wobbly at faster paces) but I have only used it a couple of times so there is more work to be done!

chicco tre stroller review runningbun


>>I joined another Instagram yoga challenge that focuses on inversions and I freaking love it. Headstands and handstands are really hard for me (considering I was a gymnast for many years, it is hard for me to accept that my skills are gone) so this challenge is fun and helpful! My big fat yoga goal is to be able to lift into a handstand instead of kick and that requires so much core strength (that I don’t have yet)!

inversiondiversion insta challenge runningbun

>>I bought a Groupon for a pack of classes to a local hot yoga studio ($27 for 10 classes, amazing) and I am REALLY loving the studio and instructors. I have been trying to go at least twice each week (once for vinyasa and once for power yoga). I will definitely buy a package after I finish these classes.

>>Can we talk about my all-time favorite yoga pose, savasana (or corpse pose)? I am pretty sure that every class I have ever taken ends with this pose. Zero physical skills are required. You literally just lie on your back. It is the mind that needs to do the work. You are supposed to melt into the ground and let your body soak up the work you just did. You are supposed to surrender all psychological effort. Inhale, exhale, repeat. Sounds simple right?

Wrong. I HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME DOING THESE THINGS! My mind is not quiet. It actually races. Prime example and real life thoughts during savasana on Tuesday AM:

Wow it is hot in here. I wonder what Jennie is doing? I wonder if she is napping right now and lying on her back too. I really love Jennie. I am going to dedicate my practice to her (again). What does that even mean? I haven’t seen my sister Shelley in a while. I really miss her. I think she is in Mexico. I want to go to Mexico. I want a margarita. What day is it? I want to open my eyes. Should I open my eyes? I wonder if anyone else wants to open their eyes? Wow, it feels like it has been an hour. Did everyone else leave the room? Should I open my eyes and check? I didn’t hear the door open or close. Why wouldn’t anyone tell me class is over? ….opens eyes…. Phew everyone is still here. Crap, my nose is itchy but I can’t move my hands. They are so heavy. I must be doing something right. I’m meltingggggg. I love this instructor. I love that he played Michael Jackson on volume LOUD. I really want Chipotle for lunch. I hate that Fizz tells people I do the “Chipotle Challenge” and eat it 3x a day. Everyone always believes him. He’s funny I guess. I want to wear my wedding dress again. I love this pose. 

>>Finally, when did Miss Lily become such a big girl?


Who else has a wild mind during savasana?

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I am going to a yoga class on Saturday AM and I am celebrating Mother’s Day by doing something I love: running a 5k, going to brunch, and drinking a bloody mary.