18 Instagram accounts that you should follow

I love Instagram. It is unquestionably my favorite social media platform. I love that it will always be able to evolve with me and that I can follow and unfollow as my interests evolve (hello new addiction to yoga).

Instagram is visually appealing (and forgiving, when necessary, #filter). With just a simple hashtag search, it is easy to find accounts that match your interests. You can find ANYTHING! My favorite searches are fitness and running motivation, yoga tutorials and challenges, motherhood photos and stories, and of course, LOLz,

Bottom line, I love Instagram because it makes it possible to share parts of my life and get a peek into the lives of others (#nosy).

My (current) favorite accounts are listed below, organized by category. Give them a look!


@mohosjo / @scottjurek / @bmartrun / @lindsey_runs



@leighemily / @runnersloveyoga / @samseesworld / @coffeeandrainbows


#YogiArtWerk Day 10 The theme today is to Rep Your City! I live and work in Alaska during the summer months and I fly people to this crazy amazing #glacier every day. This fast receding tide water glacier is something everyone should see before it retreats off the ocean. The Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound, Alaska has receded 14 miles since the early 1980's. It is predicted to retreat the last 6 miles of ocean over the next 6 years or so and will no longer be considered a tidewater glacier…it will then be categorized as a valley glacier and its fast retreat will slow down. It has lost about 2000 feet of thickness and is so thin (about 1400 feet at the face) and flowing so fast (about 100 feet per day) that it is categorized as being in a catastrophic receding faze. If Alaska is on your bucket list, do it sooner than later. Come see this! It is indescribable. You can get here by boat or helicopter (🚁 is my favorite 😜) from the city of Valdez. 🌟 Thank you awesome hosts for another great #YogiArtWerk challenge!🙏💖 @summerperez @etheyogi @robinmartinyoga @silver_cloudss @alexisr022 ✨ And thank you @werkshop for sponsoring my favorite challenge!!

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@coffeeandcrumbs / @dorideer / @bexlife / @birthwithoutfear / @everymomcounts


the internet didn't cause it. comparison. judgement. bold words without censor. they have always existed. always damaged hearts. altered lives. but this world changing technology. the unfathomable power of social media. a catalyst most imposing. it has the authority to interrupt destiny. collapse dreams. destroy confidence. wound precious lives. however. and i love this however. it also has the ability to encourage weary hearts. inspire creative minds. refresh the spirit. build community. speak love. so today i wish to compare myself to every other mama out there. no matter parenting styles or schooling methods or religious views or discipline tactics. today, and all days, i am looking at my mama heart, right there in line with each of yours. and i want to say what an honor. a privilege. a dream come true. it is to call myself a mama. a caretaker of life. a sister handed this sacred, exhausting role. alongside each of your beautiful souls. you remind me i am not alone on this terrifying and glorious journey. and you assure me it is best not to be perfect. and boldly. without censor. please hear me say. i am broken. imperfect. far from who i dream of being. a professional yoga pants wearer. a trekkie. a touch socially awkward. a chronic procrastinator with a time management problem. an ugly laugher. a shameless bathroom selfie taker. and a people lover. the internet can go ahead and judge away but i like me. i like you. and i really hope you like you too. ❤️, @johnnyandginger

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Lolz (besides the obvious @fuckjerry & @thefatjewish):

@betches / @girlwithnojob / @jennyandteets2 / @kidsaretheworst / @passengershaming

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If you would like, you can follow me on Instagram here: @runningbun. I post pictures of yoga poses (and wipeouts), running, and #jenniefizz :) 

Favorite instagram accounts to follow

Some yoga in the suite at #BillyJoelMSG

What are your favorite accounts? Please share! 


Tips for racing with a stroller

Hello! It has been almost an entire month since I last posted and that marks my biggest (unplanned, but welcomed) break in blogging, ever. I found that I did not have much to say lately so blogging took a seat in the way back of the bus. I got a notification that I had to renew my URL so I decided that was a sign to start posting on the regular again (relatively speaking, of course).

All though my running is minimal (about 10 miles a week), I am enjoying it very much lot right now. I am not training yet so I head out whenever I want to (or skip it when I am not feeling it). Last Monday night I ran a local 5k with Jennie in tow. It was hilly and it was hard but I finished in 25:16 (good enough for 3rd place AG)! This was my 3rd race with the stroller (so I am obviously now an expert).

2015 overlook 5k summit nj racing with stroller

I generally will only run with the stroller in very small races. With that said, here are some of my tips for racing with the stroller:

  • Always check the race website to see if strollers are allowed. If it isn’t mentioned, shoot an email to the race director and ask. It would suck to show up to a race (without a babysitter) and strollers aren’t allowed!
racing with a stroller

BABY #jenniefizz

  • Check out the course or ask around ahead of time. Nothing like a surprise monster hill or a long stretch of uneven pavement. During the race last week, part of the road was choppy from construction and even though I slowed down a lot to go over it, the stroller sort of skidded out and it scared the CRAP out of me (I ran the remainder of the race with a white-knuckle death grip on the handlebar).
  • Prepare your child (as best as possible, toddlers are extremely unpredictable lol). Give them snacks or a drink or their favorite toys. I generally stuff her toys into the pockets of the stroller or tie the toy to the stroller because she tends to catapult things out of the stroller when she is “done” with them!

racing with a stroller

  • I personally like to start near the front. All though you may be careful as hell to avoid hitting anyone with the front wheel, other people dodge in front of you (and may not even know you are behind them) and it is very possible to clip some heels and it could end painfully for other runners.
  • Talk to your child during the race! Ask if they are having fun! Point out cute doggies and tell them to say hi and wave to spectators! I like to make it a fun experience for my daughter as well.

General stroller running tips (what has worked for me):

  • Push with one arm and use the other for momentum. Rotate pushing arms.
  • Gran handlebar with both hands for control when running up and down hills.
  • Never assume cars see you
  • Time stroller runs around nap time :)

If you want to run a race that is stroller-friendly, visit RunStrollerRun.com. It is a great resource for finding stroller-friendly events in your area.

If you have run a race with a stroller, what are your tips? 

Early morning exercise

I keep staring at the “new post” screen on my blog lately but never end up writing anything. I am running and exercising and living life as usual but I don’t feel like I have anything important enough to publish. I’m not training (yet), I am not pregnant (yet), I am just bo-ring.

Life is the same. I work, I exercise, I spend as much time with family as possible. Each week is similar…

Every Tuesday I take a yoga class at 6 AM.

surya yoga academy summit nj

Sometimes I am the only one that shows up and I get a 1:1 session!

Every Wednesday morning I meet my friend Stephanie for some speedwork at a local track.

national running day 2015

National Running Day 2015

Every Friday I go to PT.

All of these activities are done around 5:30-6:00 AM, which means most weekdays call for a 5:00 AM wake up! I am so tired but it is the only time I can get stuff done. I need to leave my house by 7 AM to get into NYC so early mornings are the only option. I refuse to sacrifice my (already minimal) time with Jennie.

Weekends have been my savior. We try to spend most weekends with my family or Mike’s (or both). Nothing makes me happier! Last weekend, I ran a local (and terribly humid) 5k with my MIL and finished in 23:08 (4th female, 1st AG). Ruth finished 3rd AG and PR’d by a whole minute. She is my hero. We celebrated with mimosas :)

Sgt John Lyons Run to Remember

After the race we went to my aunt and uncle’s house to spend time with my grandmother (she was visiting from PA).


byron sisters


I don’t expect much to change in the near future. I picked a goal 5k race and it is on Labor Day weekend so I pushed back my 5k training. It will begin July 13!

That’s about it for now :)

What time of day do you prefer to work out? Who else joins the sunrise for exercise?