Thursday Thoughts

I love using blog post titles where the words flow like that. If you read my blog 2 years ago, you would remember that I used to do “Friday Favorites/Finds” but that only lasted a few months because I’m lazy. If you didn’t read my blog 2 years ago, I don’t blame you, it was terribly boring.

Let’s discuss some things:

>>I’m currently typing this on my phone while walking to work from the subway. I HATEEEE when people are on their phone and not paying attention to people around them (especially during rush hour time when I’m sprinting to get to my train). Yet I find myself doing it. Oh well.

>>Speaking of the subway, why do people wrap their ass around the subway pole as a means for stability instead of holding it like a civilized human being? Thanks for your ass germs.

>>This week is dragging ass. It is probably because I have SO much wedding stuff to do and limited weekend time to do it so the weight of a wedding to-do list just hangs over my head all week.

>>Jennie doesn’t like to sleep many hours in a row at night any longer which means I don’t sleep that much. This morning, she was up at 2:30 for an hour and then at 4:30 FOR THE DAY all smiley and cheery! After she nursed and got a clean diaper, I went downstairs to pump and was excited I had some time to do some sort of workout (the options were endless really: T25, run, YouTube exercise videos). Instead, we took selfies and I made breakfast for Fizz and I and it was fantastic (and probably the first time we ate breakfast together on a weekday since I was on maternity leave)!

baby jennie fizz selfie
>>I got the BEST birthday cards and gifts from my family this year! Each was SO thought out I am so happy. My sisters have me a $75 gift card to Chipotle. My mom and dad gave me 7 months of Sirius satellite radio! Background: the new car came with a 3 month free trial and we didn’t renew because *omg wedding let’s cut costs wherever we can* so I guess my complaining got annoying and voila, 7 months of Sirius. I can’t wait to listen to Channel 20 (E Street Radio) again!!! My dear husband gave me flowers during the peak of a wedding meltdown (over a bow tie, pathetic) to shut me up. He also gave me a gift card to Anthropologie because he was definitely sick of me dragging him in there every single time we go to the mall just to forcibly exit because “ugh this shit is WAY too expensive.”

Also look at the card my mom MADE for me:

Yes I have a tramp stamp. 18 year old Ashley thought it was a BRILLIANT idea.

Yes I have a tramp stamp. 18 year old Ashley thought it was a BRILLIANT idea!

I definitely felt the love this year!

2 more days until the weekend! Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

What was your favorite birthday gift ever? 



As of 2 AM, I am officially 29 years old. Jennie must have wanted to celebrate because she woke up around then and stayed up for an hour!

28 was very good to me! I married my long-time best friend and became a mother. That deserves a celebration :)

NP Wedding

baby jennie fizz


baby jennie fizz

I am very much looking forward to a new year of happiness!



NYC Runs Queens Half Marathon preparation Weeks 7 & 8 (of 9)

Oops I forgot to update my workouts (there weren’t many so this should be quick)!




W: T25 core

Th: 2 mi untimed with stroller


S: 4.1 mi, 1 mi wu, Barnegat Fire Department 5k with stroller (25:15)

Su: 3.5 mi untimed with stroller, 3 x (10 pushups, 10 squat & Jennie overhead press, 30 skaters)

Weekly total: 9.6 miles, 35 min XT

I spent all 9.6 miles with family members! On Thursday, Fizz and I went for a short run together (with Jennie) around town! It was hot and buggy but it was nice to be running together. Fizz loves running…

fizz family runs

fizz family runs

On Saturday, I ran a local 5k (I also ran last year and then got engaged after the race)!!! This was the first time I ran a race pushing the stroller and I actually placed 1st in my age group (holler for small races). For the second time in one week, I ran without a watch or music (normally I put my music on speaker when I run with stroller). I felt surprisingly strong and had no idea how fast I was running. I expected to finish around 27 minutes so when I saw the clock read 25:xx when I rounded the last turn I was SO excited! I am feeling much more comfortable with the stroller am SO happy Jennie can fit directly in the stroller. It is MUCH lighter without the car seat!

Barnegat Fire Department 5k

On Sunday, Fizz and I went out for a few miles before breakfast & boating! He rode his bike and I ran with Jennie and it was really nice.







S: 9 mi, 7.25 mi running (9:33 avg), 1.75 walking


Weekly total: 7.25 miles

I didn’t feel like working out this week so I didn’t! On Saturday, my friend Jess and I set out for an undetermined number of miles but the heat and humidity was too much for us. By the time we got home we had done a total of 9 miles (7.25 running and the rest were walk breaks). This was a personal distance record with the stroller! I mentioned above that I am much more comfortable running with the stroller and now I automatically bring the stroller instead of planning to leave her home. I love it!

bayhead nj running


The half marathon is this coming Sunday (I’m running it with Jess). I’m equal parts nervous and excited. It will be the longest distance run in almost a year and even though I didn’t prepare as well as I would have liked, I hope to finish with a smile on my face and the urge to train hard for more races :)

How was your weekend? Did you race?