NYC Runs Queens Half Marathon preparation Week 6 (of 9)

baby jennie fizz sunrise

This is real and amazing.

I spent another weekend at my in-laws and also spent some time at my parents. Workouts were ok, family time was amazing.




W: T25 core


F: 3.25 mi, 1.25 mi wu, 6 x 400m (ranged 1:38-1:45), 0.5 mi cd

S: 4.1 mi, 1 mi wu, Lacey 5k (24:22)

Su: 3 mi untimed with stroller

Weekly total: 10.35 miles, 25 min XT

I had a lot of feelings this week.

I was working from home on Friday so I was able to meet a few ladies from the local running group for a track workout. It was cool, but humid and the 400s were TOUGH. My form/gait/stride is still pretty messed up (my flutes are weak and my hips noticeably collapse). I tried to stop after 4 laps but ended up doing 6 (thanks to the women there for the motivation). I left the track that morning happy that I worked out but upset that I felt slow and out of shape.

I woke up on Saturday much more sore than I expected and was nervous for the 5k. I wanted to race (I’m using these summer 5ks as speed work) but I forgot my music and my watch was dead (both are usually essentials). SO MANY THOUGHTS when running without music and a watch…

>>Start slow, maintain this pace, check your breathing, pace off of that guy, pace off of that girl, shit I passed them, I am definitely going too fast, ouch, take it easy you’ll need to finish strong, ouch, pull it back a bit, I feel good, push harder, slow down, I like her pants, where is my MIL, HI JENNIE!, shit my shoe is untied, when did it get so hot, one mile left, one lap of the park left, slow down until a quarter mile left, don’t slow down, why do I feel good, FINISH LINE SPRINT! THANK FUCKING GOD<<

I am a lunatic but I ran hard and I am really proud. My only goal was to beat my fastest postpartum time (26:42) and I did that by a couple of minutes (24:22) and placed 3rd in my age group! It feels good to be progressing, that is all I can say for now!

lacey township 5k

Sunday AM called for a family workout: I went out for a run with my MIL while my FIL biked (Fizz was at his bachelor party). The best part: Jennie graduated…

baby jennie fizz bob stroller

Running with the car seat is convenient but she is finally big enough to go in the stroller without it! The stroller is now 10 lbs less and much easier to push! The downside: I don’t face her anymore but she obviously didn’t care because she slept the entire run. I didn’t time the run, my Garmin was still dead.

Even though it dips certain times each week, my running confidence is slowly coming back.

Next weekend I am doing another 5k and I hope to do another double-digit run to prepare for the half!

I hope you had a nice weekend. In the comment section, please share some of your mid-race thoughts. Make me feel like less of a looney tune please.

Dear Jennie (5 Months)

Dear Jennie,

baby jennie fizz 5 months

WOW things are changing so very fast!

You laugh! You hug! You hold onto your feet!

baby jennie fizz

You roll! (And roll and roll)!

You had a lot of firsts this month! First road trip, first time in the ocean, first 5k!

baby jennie fizz ocean

baby jennie fizz 5k

You are very curious about the world around you. You are always searching, scanning and thinking. You stare at the dogs and smile. You stare at us and smile. You stare at yourself and smile!

My favorite development: you reach out to us! When you are laying on the changing table or on your play mat, you reach out with both hands and touch our faces and smile <3

baby jennie fizz

I am happy to report that nursing has gotten much better (even though you are easily distracted). If you don’t have something to hold onto (my shirt or a necklace) you continuously slap my chest. I can’t help but laugh!

You’re growing so fast! At 5 months you weigh just about 16 lbs! Maybe you’re going through a growth spurt or maybe it is sleep regression but this month you decided that you didn’t want to sleep through the night any longer. You wake up anywhere from 1-4! Sometimes you fall back asleep after nursing, sometimes you stare at me and smile for 2 hours. I (strangely) don’t mind the nighttime nursing sessions. I will take any time with you that I can get.

One of my favorite things is to see your reaction when your daddy walks in the room. You look up at him and a flash the biggest smile! I am so happy you have such a special bond with him!

baby jennie fizz

I am looking forward to the coming months (solid foods! crawling! your first word being ‘mom’!) You change and grow each day and I love watching your personality develop!

Love always,



>>My tolerance for alcohol has not recovered from 14 months (and counting) of minimal drinking. Tonight I had one 16oz train beer and I was basically drunk when Fizz picked me up.

>>I am obsessed with Facebook groups. Mom groups, breastfeeding groups, running groups, moms who run groups and the biggest time suck of all: local online garage sale groups. It’s a black hole I’m not sure I can climb out of.

Facebook group obsession

Just a handful of the groups I am in….

>>I am still upset about a lie Fizz told last week. We were getting Jennie ready for daycare and he very enthusiastically said, “I forgot to tell you that Jennie won outfit of the week 2 weeks in a row at daycare!!!” Me: “OMG really?” (feeling very proud of my outfit selections) and “Wow I’m so trendy that I dress my baby well enough to win an award!” Reality: he made it up. There is no “outfit of the week” contest.

baby jennie fizz

Our dog ate the bumbo. We “fixed” i.”

>>I am enjoying my sore legs. I am so happy to have finished the 10 mile race on Sunday feeling relatively strong! I really needed the boost in confidence. It’s hasn’t been the easiest road back to running after the baby. I’m nowhere near “back” but it’s nice to see the progress!

Battle of Brooklyn10 miler

Photo Credit: JackRabbit Sports

>>I am wondering how I can make friends with the couple I sit next to each and every day on the train to NYC.

friendship somecard

Also – in case anyone was VERY worried about my bleeding nipples, it turns out they weren’t bleeding. My boobs chafed a bit (I found small scrapes today). I will be on the lookout for a new sports bra :)