Pros and cons of commuting into NYC

This week felt tremendously long and I never thought Friday would come, but it’s here! YAHOO!

I am excited for the weekend for numerous reasons. First and most obvious, full days with Jennie. Next, dinner and drinks with my mom and my sister tomorrow night. Finally, I am running the Perfect 10 Miler on Sunday with my MIL (her first long distance race, yay!) and then taking Jennie to her first Halloween parade (where I will be eating all of the candy she gets).

I had hoped to do 2 “long” runs this week (> 6 miles) to ensure a non-tragic outcome at the race but was only able to complete one. On Tuesday, I came into NYC early and ran 7.5 mi (9:15 avg pace) before work. Tomorrow I will hopefully do 3-5 miles as well.

As with the last big race (postpartum), I don’t have a time goal. I want to push the pace to “comfortably hard” but not to the point where I would burn out or risk getting hurt. I definitely want to test my current fitness level and see where I am at before I start building up a base over the winter (and eventually start training for the Long Branch half in April)!

Moving on.

If you have been reading here for a while, you know that commuting is my actual worst enemy.


Here is the ongoing “cons” list of why I despise commuting into NYC every single day:

1. Delayed trains at least 4x each week with no announcements.

2. People that shove their bodies onto an already packed subway trains and scream “MOVE IN” like there is anywhere to go.

3. People that get up from their seat on the subway before the train is even close to the next station and expect you to let go of the pole and risk body slamming the people around you to move out of the way.

4. Due to the nature of the crowded trains, sometimes 4 or 5 will pass before there is room for anyone to get on. Result = missing my train at Penn Station.

5. When I miss my train (and when I don’t) I usually get a slice of pizza and beer or wine for the ride home. This can also be on the “Pros” list.

6. People that drag those tiny rolling briefcases instead of carrying a bag. My feet are run over by these stupid bags at least once each day in Penn Station.

7. Walking in the wind and rain and having your umbrella break.

8. Garbage day.

9. Expensive breakfast and lunch options.

And the “pros” list:

1. At least 3 Chipotle stores within a half mile radius.

2. Pre-work Central Park running, when I can make it.

And there we have it! I hope to eventually work closer to home. It would make my life SO much better.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and since there were no pictures, here is a sneak peek of our family photo shoot last weekend!


Photo Credit: Amanda Brehm Photography

Dear Jennie (7 Months)

Dear Jennie,

Wow, you are getting more and more fun each day. Your smile makes me smile. Your laugh makes me laugh. Your hugs melt my heart. You are 17 lbs of adorable, perfect squish.

baby jennie fizz

Just this week, you mastered sitting up on your own! We have been practicing for a while so this is huge!

baby jennie fizz

You experienced so many new things this month!

First ride at the boardwalk!


First time on the swings!


First trip to the zoo!IMG_6331

You are still obsessed with grabbing your feet and we high-five continuously while you nurse. Our nursing relationship is stronger than ever, which makes me so happy.

You are thriving at day care and all of your teachers love you and your smiley face! They are teaching you sign language and I am going to try to learn some as well.

This month I also learned that you are a musical genius…

baby jennie fizz

…and that you really love food (no surprise there). You know it is coming as soon as we put you in the high chair. You flap your arms and start panting and it is hilarious.

You are starting to resemble your daddy more and more each day (and he loves it). You also babble a lot, but it is becoming more coherent. We think you say ‘da-da’ and ‘diaper’ but we know the connection to what the words mean hasn’t been made just yet :)

baby jennie fizz

Now let me talk to you about Mommy and Daddy’s wedding. You are the most important person to both of us and having you there with us during the celebration made the day so unbelievably special. I will always treasure the memories of the three of us from that day! You were such a beautiful flower girl and took your role VERY seriously (by eating the flowers).

baby jennie fizz wedding

baby jennie fizz wedding

baby jennie fizz wedding

You are so smart and amazing and I am so excited for the months to come!

Love always,




Our Wedding!

I had the absolute best time of my life at our wedding. Everything was perfect. Getting ready, the weather, the music, the drinks, the dancing, the food, the company, the pizza at the bar afterwards. Everything. Thank you to everyone for their kind words and support over the last year. It truly means the world to us!


Photo Credit: Jessica Hendrix Photography


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