The mid-week long run

When I was training for the a spring marathon in 2013 I was running higher mileage for the first time ever (well high for me, 40-45 miles a week). My coach had me doing workouts mid-week that ended up being anywhere from 8-13 miles. They were long tempo runs or a handful of 2 mile repeats that helped the distance creep up. I was running strong on tired legs.  I was in the best shape of my life (yes, I know I am a broken record).

Since then, I haven’t trained for a marathon and only went through one real training cycle for a half marathon so there was no need to run TOO long on weekends OR anything substantial during the week.

Until now.

I have a half marathon coming up in two weeks and in order for me to feel confident that I can run the distance (without experiencing pregnancy-related discomfort) I wanted to do at least 3 long runs before the race. This coming weekend was supposed to be my 2nd of the 3 but #HurricaneJoaquin is projected to arrive in NJ this weekend and we are also currently getting a ton of rain from another storm.

Hurricane Joaquin


On Wednesday night I noticed there will be a rain-free window on Thursday morning so my friend Stephanie and I made plans to do our long run then.

We met at 5:30 AM and ran 9 miles (9:12 avg, net elevation +354 ft). Splits: 9:50, 9:27, 9:09, 9:05, 9:14, 9:05, 8:56, 9:05, 9:01. As with most of my longer runs I felt pretty terrible until Mile 3 but then I felt good for the rest of the run. There was a dark moment during the 7th or 8th mile when we climbed a large hill but isn’t there always?

I hope to do the last long run of 10 miles next week during the week. I am going to Chicago on Saturday October 10th and don’t want to worry about having to do a long run while I am there. I am so excited for the trip. I am going to watch my MIL RUN HER FIRST FREAKING MARATHON! I can barely contain my excitement and pride and will probably be sprinting around the course with Jennie in the Ergo.

Ashley Ruth lacey 5k

My friend Michele is her coach with Saucony 26Strong and will be running by her side for the entire race (and texting me updates, because I am selfish). I’ll report back next week with my spectating plan (almost as important as a race plan if you ask me). If you’re running, please let me know so I can track you!

What are your thoughts on mid-week long runs?

Are you racing or cheering in Chicago next weekend?

Have a nice weekend!

Thoughts and workouts

I don’t really like to say Happy Monday, because it never is. I am not one of those “I am going to crush this week with positivity and goal-setting” kind of people. I like the end of the week and the weekend much better SO I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

The weather has been amazing around here lately. It’s about 55-60 in the morning (PERFECT FOR RUNNING!) and climbs to 70-75 in the afternoon. I love this time of the year!

Anyway, I always have a lot of random thoughts that I *THINK* are worthy of sharing. I try to accumulate them as time goes on for blog posts. below is the latest edition.

>>Who listens/listened to the podcast, Serial? If you’ve never heard of it, it is about the (real) 1999 murder of a high school student in Baltimore, MD and goes into much detail about the case and the idea that the convicted murdered is not actually guilty.

I LOVED this podcast and am so interested in the case (basically a detective now). When I found out about Undisclosed, ANOTHER podcast about the case, I listened to all of the available episodes within a week (thank you, commute). It is MUCH more detailed and doesn’t really have an end date (and gives real-time updates because he is currently appealing the case) so that makes me happy. One of the hosts of Undisclosed has a personal connection to the convicted murderer so it is absolutely biased but it is SO intriguing.

>>NYC people: Are you a subway peeker? You know, when the train isn’t there yet, you basically Gumby stretch your neck to check to see if the train is coming. I admit I have done it a few times but I get mad at myself. What’s the point? If the train is coming, you’ll see it. What is peeking going to do?

>>Who else is obsessed with Snapchat?I love it. Snapping is fun. Follow me if you’d like. It is mostly pictures of Jennie throwing tantrums or getting into mischief. My username is runningbun.

>>Who watches Revenge? I watched the first couple of Seasons while it was on TV and then stopped toward the beginning of Season 3 because it was wacky and the whole concept of the show was lost on me (ahem, Scandal, I am also looking at you on this one, please just solve Scandals in Season 4). Anyway, since the final two seasons were on Netflix, I decided to watch all of them in a row this past week/weekend. I want to admit that I strangely liked the evil Conrad Grayson. And Nolan, obviously.

>>My workouts last week were pretty solid and I am proud of myself. I didn’t do much yoga which makes me sad but I did “a lot” of running.

M 9/21: off

T 9/22: 4.1 mi untimed

W: 9/23: 15 min strength at home

  • 3 x (15 pushups into side plank, 15 squats with kettle bell, 30 mountain climbers)
  • 3 x (20 skaters, 10 reverse lunge with kettle bell twist (each leg), 1 min plank)

Th 9/24: 2.5 mi untimed

F 9/25: 4 mi, 9:26 avg

S 9/26: 10 mi, 9:20 avg. I am really happy with this run and it gave me confidence that I CAN run the half in a few weeks! I was never overly tired and I didn’t feel the need to stop!

Su 9/27: 4.1 mi, 1 mi warmup + Fit-to-Food 5k (Chatham NJ) 25:02 (8:03 avg). The warmup and the first mile of this race didn’t feel so hot but my legs felt better running at this pace during miles 2 and 3. One thing that I absolutely do not have (as a pregnant runner) is a finishing kick. It is just not there.

fit-to-food 5k

Totals: 24.7 mi, 30 min strength

I plan to do one race each month of my pregnancy (thanks to my friend Steph for the idea)! I hope I can run longer into the pregnancy this time, but won’t stress if I can’t. Next race is a 5k at the Turtle Back Zoo on October 3 (and then the half a couple of weeks later, eeek)!

Please talk to me about Serial/Undisclosed. Do you think Adnan is innocent?

What are some good recommendations for Netflix? I’m halfway through Season 3 of OITNB and House of Cards (can’t seem to finish either though). I also watched Season 1 of Veep on Amazon TV (it came free with Prime) but I don’t feel like paying for the other seasons. I think I am going to start How to Get Away with Murder next.

Baby Number Two!

It’s been a handful of weeks since I announced my second pregnancy (holy shit) and I wanted to share an update!

baby fizz number 2

As of today, I am 16 weeks pregnant. The due date is March 11, 2016. The littles will be almost 2 years apart to the day (Jennie was born on March 20, 2014).

baby fizz number 2

The first trimester was completely opposite of how I felt with Jennie (I didn’t have any symptoms in the beginning with her). This time I had a lot of nausea and headaches. I experienced narcolepsy around 6PM (basically falling asleep walking to the train) and insomnia at 3AM. I am happy to say that so far the second trimester has been better (not 100% but I’ll take it).

baby fizz number 2

She clearly has no idea what her shirt means.

I am still exercising pretty regularly. Even during the first trimester I felt ok in the early morning (sometimes very early, with the help of the insomnia) so that is when I ran or took a class. In my last post I explained that I wasn’t forcing exercise. I am doing what I can, when I can and it is working out quite well.

I have real, must-stop-everything-I’m-doing cravings for sweet things. I normally only want salty snacks so it is interesting for sure (and has contributed to the 12 pounds I have already gained). I was worried about my weight last time. I am not worried this time. It comes. Then the baby comes. Then the weight goes (famous last words).

baby fizz number 2

To do:  

>>Make the guest room a nursery (see ya later extra closets).

>>Clean the attic (it’s finished) and make it a guest room.

>>Find out the sex of this baby (October 27 is so far away) so I can organize Jennie’s old clothes or buy a ton of new shit :)

>>Buy cute and flattering maternity clothes. Last time my style was similar to that of a homeless person and this time I have the desire (and self-respect) to look good. Please share your outfit ideas for fall and winter!

>>Dream about wine. Like a full bottle of it in my belly. Don’t get me wrong, the few sips here and there are amazing but I want more than a few sips (especially when Jennie throws a tantrum for 45 minutes because I rolled up her sleeve so she didn’t get food on her shirt).

So that’s about it for #babyfizztwo! I’ll report back in a couple of weeks!

<3 Thanks for all of the kind words on Instagram and on the last couple of posts. I really appreciate the love! <3