NYC Runs Queens Half Marathon preparation Week 1 (of 9)

I’m calling it preparation instead of training because I am not physically fit or committed enough to put in a full effort to train. I do want to be able to get through 13.1 miles without screaming for help so I am “preparing” each week!



TH: 3 mi untimed with stroller

F: 2 mi untimed with stroller

S: 5 mi untimed with Kara

Su: 20 min HIIT workout at home (5 x reverse lunge front kicks L & R, frog stamp pushups, full body crunch, squat jump cross body punches)

Weekly total: 10 miles, 20 min XT

All of my runs were done at an easy pace and enjoyable.  On Thursday, I ran along the beach in Bay Head & Mantoloking and stopped halfway through the run to say hi to my mom and sister who were enjoying the beach! My first time on the beach this summer was in sneakers, WTF. It was also Jennie’s first beach visit (with many more to come)!

baby jennie fizz beach

On Saturday, Kara and I ran very slowly in 1 billion % humidity. Then I kidnapped her for the rest of the day because I never want her to leave me.

Sunday’s workout was really hard. This was the first time I did a push up since I was 36 weeks pregnant almost 5 months ago! It is Tuesday night and I am still really sore.

Overall, I am happy with the workouts I completed this week. I was sick last week so taking it easy was the right thing to do! I am traveling to North Carolina late Wednesday night and will be there until Sunday. I hope to get some runs in along the beach as well as one strength workout. I am really excited to try more bodyweight interval workouts from Nicole on Pumps & Iron!

8 more weeks until race day!

Dear Jennie (4 Months)

Dear Jennie,

baby jennie fizz 4 months

You turned 4 months old yesterday! You have so much energy and have found your voice and I absolutely ADORE it. A lot has stayed the same this month: clothing & diaper size, smiling at compliments and raspberries, being held, fantastic sleeping skills and your genuine hatred for the car.

Your personality is growing and so is your smile. Your arms and legs are always in motion and you are very aware of your surroundings. You love to sit on our laps and watch everything and everyone around you. You are getting stronger and can hold yourself up for much longer before starting to tip.

baby jennie fizz

You went in the pool twice this month and I am pretty sure you were sleeping both times :)

baby jennie fizz pool

Jennie & Aunt Brittany

You motion towards the things you want (blankets, toys, our clothes) and when you get them you grip so tightly with both hands. Another thing you grip tightly is my hair and my skin, ouch.

baby jennie fizz toys

You love your pacifier (finally!) and when you take it out of your mouth, I can see your brain working and trying to figure out how to get it back in there.

You haven’t shown much interest in rolling over since last month but we will keep trying!

The biggest (and most stressful) change this month has been nursing. You (very abruptly) went from eating 20-30 minutes each session to 5-10 minutes with a lot of fussing. I hope that this is just a phase or a growth spurt.

baby jennie fizz

Growth spurt seems like the obvious answer.

Despite the nursing changes, your doctor said you are growing perfectly! You are 14 lb 8 oz and 25.5 in tall. You got your second round of shots and reacted a bit differently than the first round, which resulted in your first fever and first dose of Tylenol. Once again, I was much more upset about this than you were.

I am very happy that you are able to spend so much time with your family. You see both sets of grandparents and your aunts and uncles and cousins regularly.

baby jennie fizz family

You are very beautiful and very special and very loved and you have changed my life for the better.

baby jennie fizz and mommy twins


Love always,


Family time and gambling

Since I have off every Thursday and Friday until the middle of August, I am using the long weekends to spend time with my family. This past Thursday (and the few before that as well) I drove to my hometown to spend the day with my sister and my niece! Each week we will either go for a walk or run and we laugh and talk about babies and life. It really makes me appreciate having my family relatively close by! This week I walked a bit with my sister and a friend and then ran for 30 minutes with the jogger on the Spring Lake/Belmar NJ boardwalk. The boardwalk is brand new (replaced after Sandy) and so smooth! It was a great run.
jennie fizz and lily nj

jennie fizz and lily nj
I spent the remainder of my weekend at my in-laws’ house with a nasty cold! It hit me out of nowhere and stopped me from exercise for the remainder of the weekend. My 10-week half marathon plan was changed to a 9-week plan :/

I told myself I felt ok enough to make the drive to Atlantic City on Saturday night for my friend Lyndsey’s bachelorette party! I decided to go down for dinner only (was not feeling well enough to party at a club, dammit). We went to Dos Caminos for dinner (at Harrah’s) and I ate so much guac and cheese and had a couple of absolutely amazing margaritas.

dos caminos harrahs ac

Note: I bought this outfit at Forever 21 on Friday. I bought a crop top while pushing a baby in a stroller at Forever 21. Genuinely trying to act 21.

I said goodbye to the girls and met up with my friend Alisha, who happened to be there for the night as well! We gambled a bit (I lost as I usually do) and then we ate more food and passed out while watching “The Other Woman” – I have to finish watching some other time because everything I saw before falling asleep was hilarious. I woke up at 5AM and I was unsurprisingly hungover as shit (12 months of barely drinking will do that). I pumped and drove back to my in-laws. My first night away from Jennie was a success (minus the wretched hangover) but I really missed her! I found myself telling the blackjack dealer about her and basking in the fact that he said I didn’t look old enough to have a baby :) He lied to me to make me feel good and in turn I gave the house all of my money.

I spent the remainder of the day on the couch (and napping). We went out for a bit to the park to fly a kite! It was really windy and much harder than I remembered. I left a bit later and went to my parents’ house for dinner and so I could shower while they watched the baby! I took 2 really long showers this weekend while each set of grandparents were watching Jennie. It is so unlike me (I hate showering) but it was so amazing and appreciated. 

Lots of driving this weekend, all worth it!

Home to Point Pleasant to Forked River to AC and back to Forked River to Point Pleasant to home!

My home to Point Pleasant to Forked River to AC and back to Forked River to Point Pleasant to home!

baby jennie fizz

I absolutely love spending so much time with my family (mine and Fizz’s)! Another great summer weekend in the books!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend as well! What were your weekend highlights?