A CALL FOR DONATIONS for my Charity Auction to benefit Every Mother Counts


As you know, I am running the NYC Half in 7 (omg) weeks with Team Every Mother Counts (non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother)!

Next Friday, January 30, 2015 I am going to hold an auction (thank you for the idea, Dori) on my blog to benefit my fundraising efforts for Every Mother Counts.

emc charity auction running bun

So far I have been overwhelmed with how generous people have been and have a stash of amazing goods and services to auction! I am still looking for more items and/or services so please contact me if you have anything you would like to donate to the cause! Please email me directly at ashleyrunningbun@gmail.com!

Current list of auction items:

  • BOB Revolution running stroller (retail value $459.99)
  • Garmin Vivofit with heart-rate monitor (retail value $169.99)
  • 1-Month Equinox all-access pass (nationwide) (retail value $445.00)
  • Oiselle outfit – Every Mother Counts tee and Roga shorts (retail value $84.99)
  • $50 gift card to JackRabbit Sports
  • $50 gift card to Erica Sara Designs
  • 1-Year subscription to Women’s Running Magazine (retail value $49.99)
  • 1-Month New Client Unlimited pass to Refine Method (retail value $150.00)
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 18 (retail value $119.99)
  • Bumble & Bumble gift set (retail value $141.00)

Again, I would LOVE to add to this list! I will post final list of items a day or two before the auction along with the auction rules!

If you would like to donate directly to my fundraiser, please do so here:


Every Mother Counts® is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 100% of funds raised through their efforts go directly to supporting their partners on the ground in Uganda, Haiti, Indonesia, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo, India and the United States. The life saving programs help women around the world get the care they need!

I appreciate ANY amount. Nothing is too small. See where your money will go! EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS (click to enlarge)!

Every mother counts every dollar counts

Please share as well!



Dear Jennie (10 Months)

Dear Jennie,

These months are moving by so fast! Double digits? WOW.

baby jennie fizz
This month was all about perfecting the skills you already have. You crawl with speed and determination and your destination is always some item that you can grab on and hoist yourself up. You will then walk along side of that item and bravely let go for a few seconds. The butt flop that comes next is absolutely adorable and the look on your face says “I’ll get it next time!”

baby jennie fizz
It’s really fun and exciting (and sort of crazy and sad) to watch you change from my little baby to a little toddler. Your face has changed and your hair is growing and you have 7 teeth (which makes your smile hilariously adorable). You are constantly babbling but you randomly say some coherent words (mama, dada). You get visibly frustrated when you can’t figure something out and so joyful when you can.

This month you celebrated your first Christmas (and New Year) and it was a blast! Your family and friends were so generous and you loved opening presents (mainly just playing with paper but that’s besides the point).
baby jennie fizz christmas 2014

baby jennie fizz christmas new year
A big change this month was that you refuse to let anyone feed you (except for yogurt, you’ll take that from anyone, all day long if it were up to you) because you love feeding yourself. It has been fun seeing you try new foods. Your facial expressions are hilarious. Your favorites right now are sweet potatoes and blueberries (and Mum-Mums).

baby jennie fizz food
You still love the dogs and bath time. Your new favorite activity is to open and close things and to “dance” when you hear music. You pat my back every time I hold you and I LOVE it. You still hate going to bed and the best way to get you to nap is to take you out in the stroller for a run.

My sleepless little girl, I love you very much!

Love always,


When you’re the only student in a group exercise class

Hello! I hope everyone had a nice (long) weekend!

I had off of work today for MLK day, which was nice. Jennie’s daycare was closed so we got to spend the entire day together and I was really happy!

baby jennie fizz

On the flip side, workouts this week weren’t so great. I did a killer speed workout on Thursday and had some knee pain for the remainder of the week and took off of running completely. I haven’t even started my training yet and it is definitely not worth it for me to push through any pain and risk a real injury.

Instead of running, I focused on cross-training and did a lot of yoga!


M: 10 min yoga, 15 min leg strength
10 min yoga, 3.1 mi run (untimed)
10 min yoga
10 min yoga, 7.0 mi run (2 mi wu, 4x600m, 1 mi, 4x600m, 1 mi cd),
 25 min yoga
85 min yoga (60 min class, 25 at home)
10 min yoga

Totals: 10.1 mi run, 160 min yoga, 15 min strength

My knee started to hurt during the cooldown of my speed workout on Thursday. Maybe I wasn’t ready for a long speed workout? Maybe it was the stop and go from the intervals on the treadmill? Either way, it was a familiar pain that I have every now and then but knew I needed to take off a few days!

On Saturday morning (instead of a run) I went to yoga class at my gym and I WAS THE ONLY STUDENT! Way back when this would have intimidated me and I probably would have tried to leave. Now, I LOVE it. 1 on 1 with a teacher that will only focus on ME? SIGN ME UP. The class was vinyasa (flow) with a focus on shoulders. When I am in a yoga class I would NEVER speak out loud but because I was the only student I felt all right asking for help with my alignment or balance.It was amazing!

ETA: As a spin instructor, I have also taught classes when there is a minimal number of students (anywhere from 2-5) and I also love that side. It allows the instructor to focus more on getting to know the students and recognizing areas they need assistance or areas in which they excel and can be praised!

I love spending a few minutes each day practicing yoga. In just 3 weeks, I already have seen a lot of improvement. My goal for after the Instagram challenge is to continue doing at least 10 minutes each day (without bombarding your Instagram feed with my mediocre poses).

Clockwise from bottom left: Day 12: puppy pose, Day 13: headstand, Day 14: samanasana (arm balance), Day 15: suptapadangusthasana, Day 16: side crow, Day 17: eight angle pose, Day 18: firefly pose


Have you ever been the only student in a workout class? Did you like it or hate it?